This Turbulence Is Beautiful.
I'm still a film student.
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Go to the other world  by Hanson Mao wolverxne

We’re playing at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto, ON tonight with @tinymovingpartsband and @naiharvest and Fox shoulder. Doors at 6:30.  (at
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...Wave in on FIRE!!! by Keith Muraoka wolverxne

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don’t say you’re a writer if you just write fanfiction for your entertainment. you’re only a writer if you kill a bear with a typewriter to appease the spirit of hemingway and slather yourself in ink in tribute to shakespeare, the one true over-penis of literature.

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I forgot how good leaving the house is, I should do that more…


Why Did I Do That?: A novel by me, with special guest appearances by several alcoholic beverages

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my mom was trying to drive us home from the beach and she wanted to stop at this lighthouse, but we got lost on the way back and she pulled over here and it looked so pretty in this sad kind of way and i was listening to supermoviesband and it was so perfect
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still kind of in disbelief that I actually took this picture. The sinkhole’s water was 150 feet deep and had a ledge that you could dive off of from halfway up. Probably the best experience of my life.
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